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QUESTIONS OFTEN ASKED - "Over the years my clients have asked me many questions about specific legal matters.  Listed below are a few of those most frequently asked."

WHAT IS MY OBLIGATION TO AN ATTORNEY IF I RECEIVE A CONSULTATION? - There is no obligation for making the phone call and receiving a consultation. You may learn something valuable from just one phone conversation or meeting.  "You have nothing to lose, please call me to see if I can help."

- I pride myself on honesty, so if I decide to take your case, then I believe you have a case.  My approach to practicing law with the personal touch takes time and energy which cannot be wasted if there really isn't a case.

WHAT IS MY CASE WORTH? - A case must be properly prepared and the medical records must be acquired prior to estimating the value its case. We pride ourselves on honesty and making sure the client is aware and knows exactly what their case is worth.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO DETERMINE WHAT IS MY CASE WORTH? - We can not estimate or know what the value of your case is until reaching maximum medical improvement or if and when the doctor states that you are not going to get better, or when he says that you are healed.

SHOULD I CONTACT AN ATTORNEY BEFORE I CONTACT THE INSURANCE COMPANY? - It doesn’t cost anything to call our office, so why not let our 31 years experience help you decide what options are available for you. The insurance companies have their own agenda when it comes to such cases and sometimes it is not in the best interest of the client.

WHAT IF THE INSURANCE COMPANY WANTS ME TO SIGN A SETTLEMENT? - Do not sign any documents prior to speaking to an attorney.

A former client referred a woman to me who was contemplating settling her injury case for a minimum amount of insurance proceeds.  We met and after reviewing her case, I agreed to represent her.  We relieved her of the responsibility and burden of having to deal with the insurance company directly. She was then able to focus and concentrate on her medical issues.  Her medical problems were far more severe than she had originally thought and we eventually settled her case for a much larger amount, covering both her medical bills and wage losses.

"You have nothing to lose, please call me to see if I can help."

I WAS INJURED IN THE PAST AND NOW I AM HAVING PROBLEMS. IS IT TOO LATE TO CONTACT AN ATTORNEY? - It depends on the statute of limitations or whether or not a settlement was made between you and the insurance company. Call us and we'll discuss your specific situation  to determine if we can assist you.  It does not cost you to call our office to speak to an attorney. 

HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE A CASE TO SETTLE? - It all depends on the severity of the injuries, the recovery time and whether we will have to litigate a case.  Some cases settle in three or four months and others could take up to a few years to settle.  Again, it all depends on the individual case and that is why we treat each case special.



Call Me For A Free Consultation At 412-765-2993 Or Click Here To Send Me An Email
John J. Zagari handles cases involving Accidents and Injuries, Business Law, Criminal Defense, Family, Divorce and Elder Law and Real Estate and Construction Law throughout North and South Western Pennsylvania.  John Zagari will travel to you at any location, including the counties of Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Clarion, Crawford, Erie, Fayette, Forest, Greene, Indiana, Jefferson, Lawrence, McKean, Mercer, Somerset, Venango, Warren, Washington and Westmoreland. There is no cost for John to come to you to discuss your case.  He will meet you at your home or any other mutually acceptable location.  John is a seasoned trial attorney who brings over 31 years of big-city law practice to your big city or small town. The legal experience he acquired from working in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area gives him an advantage, especially in anticipating the needs of his clients from surrounding counties.

John J. Zagari
1801 Lawyers Building, 428 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

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